Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm Back! Sorry for leaving you guys!

     Well, I know I have taken a long, long break but I miss the ol' blogging days and I want to try and get back to them. I have to admit that I lost sight of my goal to go natural over the past couple of months, but I am motivated again to tackle the challenge! I have decided that this time I am gong to take baby steps instead of leaping in all or nothing because I think I overwhelmed myself last time.

     So, as a celebration for my newfound remotivation (is that even a word? Nope, guess not because my computer is underlining it in red...but I like it so I am going to leave it). Anyway, as a celebration I signed up again for Kara's Way boxes, the November and December ones. I really enjoyed both their boxes and Eco Emi's boxes, but Eco Emi had a wait list so I decided to go ahead with Kara's Way.

     Annnnddd, I will be posting reviews on both those boxes so check back mid-November and December to see what I think about their boxes.

    As well, I hope to update this blog more than twice a year like before (:D) so be sure to check back.

     As I bid you all farewell I leave you with a picture of a dog and and as not to offend anyone a picture of a cat as well because, honestly, I didn't know any other picture to put with this blog post. Thank you so much for reading my blog and hope to see you here again soon!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Product Review: 100% Pure Eye Cream

I am about to introduce you to a product I discovered about a week ago and I am in love with! While it is a little bit pricey ($19.00 for a 1oz. tube) I got a total of 1oz. of the cream for $13.00 on Ebay.
I have been looking for a eye cream that would help with my H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E dark circles under my eyes. Even when I get 10 hours of sleep they are still there and have started to bother me as far as appearance. But this eye cream has been working wonders. Even though it takes a little while for it to really work and help decrease the look of dark circles I also notice an instant decrease in the darkness (even though they are still there, but not as intense)

But, after using the cream for about a week and I can honestly say that my dark circles has really begun to disappear and the ingredients in it all look amazing!! I highly recommend this product to anyone who has trouble with those nasty dark circles. It has made me feel so much more confident and have no problem paying the $19.00 pricetag for it and think the product is beyond worth it :D

Rating: 4.5/5 (Takes a while to really take affect but works wonders once it does, and a little pricey for me)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eco-Emi February: Anniversary Box!!

Eco-Emi February 
When I got home and saw that my Eco-Emi box was in my mailbox I was overjoyed. This is my second box (sorry completely blanked on a post about the January box, but in short I loved it!) and was so excited to see what they packed in it this month. 
While I know some people were not as happy with the packaging this month I though it was absolutely adorable and will be using all of the packaging again. I forgot to take picture when I first opened it, but here is a closer picture of everything I got:
I must say I am in love with the products in this box (even though I haven't tried most of them, but they look amazing!). And the box is well over the $15 I payed for it. One more picture of everything laid out and out of any packaging: 
Here is a list of what I got:
  1. Crystal Essence Deodorant Towelettes (I got 4)- 24 pack $9.99
  2. Dagoba Chocolate Mint Lip Balm- $3.49
  3. Mighty Leaf Herbal Chocolate Truffle Tea- 4 oz. $11.95
  4. Dr. Robin Sunscreen for Children- 3.5 fl. oz. $24.00
  5. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Body Butter in Sweet Chai (The tiny little circle)- .7 oz $6.50
  6. Revolution Organics Lip Gloss in Truth- $26.00
  7. OluvSuds Soap Bar-4.5oz bar is $8.58.
  8. GreenBody GreenPlanet Energy Shampoo and Conditoner- $21.95-$64.95 each
  9. Greener Living Organic Soap Nuts (in the little satchel, sorry forgot to take them out!)- 2 . 2 lbs $39.99
And they also included a bonus sticker that read I <3 Eco Emi!

Estimated total value of box: $47.32
Please keep in mind that it is an ESTIMATED value for a reason, please do not mistake that for the actual value of the box because I had to use my guess best about the price for some of the products,

Thank you so much for reading my blog! Let me know which products you want a review of in the comment section below :D

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Product Review: Naturally Fresh Deodorant

Check out my full order here and a review of the face wash here!
(Coupon Saving Sista)
I must say that this product worried me the most when I ordered it (but quite possibly surprised me that most after using it). I have heard from a lot of people that natural deodorants don't work and they cause you to perspire more etc, etc. But I am here to put all of those myths down, I for one think that I probably do perspire more than the average woman and have found that this deodorant works super well (if not better!) than my old drugstore, aluminum filled deodorant. I got my in the scent Tropic Breeze, and I must say that it is a very fresh scent but a very light scent. That would be my one complaint with this product is that the deodorizing scent is very light and I like being able to smell that my deodorant is there and working. But, I love this products nonetheless and plus it is SUUPPERR affordable, at about the same price as deodorant you would buy from the drugstore.

Rating: 4/5
(I love this product and the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the actual scent of the product is hardly-there and I like to be able to smell it)

Thanks so much for reading!

My Journey So Far (2/25/2012)

I thought that since my main goal with this blog was to document my quest to go natural that I ought to give updates every so often (I was thinking once a month, but we will see how that works out :P). 

I officially began my journey on New Year's Day and I have to say that I am pretty proud of how far I have gotten, although I do wish that I could be a bit further along. Basically all of my face products are natural (cleanser, moisturizer, etc.) and also my deodorant. While I can't say that overall I "feel" any better, I do feel so much better about myself and what I am doing to my body. Everytime I pull out a product that I know is good for my skin I just feel so happy putting it on my skin.

While, this quest has been a bit time-consuming, with all the research and what not, I am so happy that I have decided to do this. And for the rest of this month and next I hope to continue and make even more steps forward.

Thanks so much for sharing this journey with me! What do you want to see me blog about? Post a comment below :D


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Product Review: Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

From my order, check it out here!
(Shave Now)
I have been using this product for about 2 weeks and I must admit I am not super impressed by it. The first time I used it I thought that it might work pretty well if I just kept using it. But, the longer I have been using it the worse it is getting. My first major problem is that it is super drying and I am already struggling with dry skin so with the increased drying this is causing my skin, my skin is on route to horrible. My next problem is is that it is not preventing my acne which is popping up all over my face now (I don't know if it is because of the increased drying or just that the product isn't preventing them). Overall I am currently looking for a new cleanser to replace this one, tonight I tried using the Juice Organics cleanser I also got in my order and hoping that it will help get my skin back into a good condition.

Rating: 2/5
 (While this face wash does seem to get my skin clean, it is majorly drying and doesn't help prevent my acne)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Conscious Box January 2012

Conscious Box January 2012
I know I had said that I only subscribed to Eco-Emi (but I lied), I couldn't resist Conscious Box and all I can say is that I am glad that I subscribed. I am considering doing the 3-month, so I can save $1 each month but I won't bore you with why vs. why not. Here is a lay-out of everything I recieved (15 items!!):
Now I haven't had time to take a seperate picture of each item (so sorry!) but I will list out each item with the estimated value and then give you a final value of the box! They are sort of in order from right to left, so hopefully you can figure out what is what :D

thinkThin Fuit and Nut Crunch Bar- Portable and power packed with nutrition, thinkThin Bars are also gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. ($1.99)
Jo-Sha Peppermint Wipe- Wipes perfect for your hands, feet and yoga mates. Sanitize and revitalize with every wipe! ($0.64)
CleanWell Hand Sanitizer- CleanWell makes a kid friendly, eco-safe sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs naturally! ($3.00)
Sacred Chocolate Bite- This was supposed to be given out to people who posted on their facebook page (I didn't but still got it so I won't include it in the total, but it does sound really tasty!)
Raw Revolution Snack Bar- Check out this little snack-power, energy, nutrients and awesome tastes jam-packed into a tiny 100-calories bar. Raw, vegan, organic and free of all the gnarly artificial ingredients. ($.83)
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil and Gel- Ancient Minerals provides us with an effective, direct way to supplement magnesium. ($3.62 for oil and $2.50 for gel)
Eco-Dent Natural Oral Care Products- Eco-Dent offers a complete line of premium, natural oral care products. (hard to tell again, but estimated at around $3.00)
Wellness Living Tea- This month we saved you some effort- here's one of our favorite teas from It's a smooth, delightful blend of herbs that brings serenity a bit closer to home. ($.23)
World Centric Plastic Cutlery- Work back toward sustainability with GMO-free, plant based and compostable cutlery from World Centric. ($1.64)
Parma! Parmesan- This vegan and GMO-free parmesan will add tons of taste- plus it's packed with omega-3s, B12, and other trace minerals. Adding a little spice to your munchies never tasted so good! (about $.50)
Golden Earth Chakra Oil- Golden Earth brings us invigorating scents that are completely free of any artificial fragrances, colors, synthetic ingredients or perfumes. Aromatherapy that's good for you and the world! (really hard to tell again but I would say about $2.00)
Kelapo Coconut Oil- This coconut oil doesn't just taste great- it's great for your health too! (about $1.00)
Guayaki Tea- With each sip you'll get the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate, in just one cup. ($.83 for 3 bags)
Green Tara Spirulina Energy Bites- Vegan, raw, and GMO-free and totally delicious. Replace processed commercial energy bars with real food. Grab a guilt-free handful and enjoy! (hard to tell but I would estimate around $2.00)
Core Foods- Core food challenges the belief that portable food can't be both healthy and tasty. ($10.00 gift certificate)

Box Total Estimated Value: $33.78
I must say I LOVE this box and can't wait until next month! I am having so much fun trying everything out :)
Want a review on any of the products in the box? Let me know below and I would be be more than happy to write one.

Thanks so much for reading!