Friday, December 30, 2011 Order Order Overview (first impressions and reviews coming soon!!)
Basically, my first priority on going natural were products for my face because I found that those were the products that I had that were rated highest on SkinDeep, well after deodorant which was probably my number one priority :D My order was for 4 products and came to a total of $29.76 (including tax and shipping) Now on to the order *buh buh buh bun*....

Naturally Fresh Crystal Deodorant Roll-On, Tropic Breeze ($4.99)
This deodorant was rated a 0 on Skin Deep compared to my previous deodorant with a rating of 4. The only worry I have about this is that since it isn't really made to stop sweating, that it might now give me enough coverage and I don't want to feel uncomfortable with pit stains (I don't think anyone does), but I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this is some sort of miracle deodorant :)
Naturally Fresh Crystal Deodorant Roll-On, Tropic Breeze
Juice Organics Brightening Facial Kit ($9.99)
I was originally just going to order the moisturizer from this company, but it cost $15.99 for the full size, and with this kit I could sample the moisturizer and the cleanser. These were not listed on SkinDeep but I went through each ingredient and found that for the most part all of the ingredients are really good, and I also found that it was really hard to find  a good moisturizer that didn't cost an arm and a leg to get.
Juice Organics Brightening Facial Kit 
Dickinson's Witch Hazel-Daily Facial Toner ($4.79)
This toner is rated a 1 on Skin Deep and for such a great price I couldn't pass it up! I use toner pretty much everyday since I have very extreme combo skin where my face will be super oily one day and then so dry the next day. Also, the toner I use currently makes my skin burn and I feel like it is harming my skin!
Dickinson's witch hazel-Daily Facial Toner
Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with Organic Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhi ($9.99)
The last product I ordered was this face wash. My skin is very prone to acne and if I skip just one day of cleansing I find my skin breaking out almost immediately! This face wash is rated a 1 on skin deep, I am sure about 10x better than the Clean and Clear Cleanser I use now that leaves my skin dry and irritated. 
Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with Organic Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhi
That is the extent of my first order, but I am sure I will be ordering from them again. You get free shipping once you pass $25 and they shipped out really fast. I should be recieving them anytime today and once I give each product a fair try I will be back with a review of the products and give you my opinion on them.

Thanks so much for reading and please leave me a comment and tell me:
What is your favorite natural product?



Hey guys! So today I wanted to show introduce you to SkinDeep. Let's get started:

SkinDeep can be found at: and it is basically an online database to look up products and ingredients and they will give them a rating 0-10 (with 0 being the best) to show you how good or bad they are for you. I have found that they have most products data based but if they don't, they have almost any ingredient so you can always go ingredient by ingredient if you have the patience. I think later on once I am more educated a will do a couple of blog posts on ingredients to avoid and ingredients to look for.
SkinDeep has really helped me, because aside from just going natural I also want to get products that are better for my skin. And I have found that even though a product may say "Natural" or "Organic", that it doesn't always mean that the ingredients they use in the products are good for you. I would totally recommend everyone go onto this site and look-up the products they use on a daily basis and see what is really inside of them. I know it really surprised me to see how much harm a simple cleanser or moisturizer is for your skin and what harmful affects it can have on you.

Don't mean to like freak you guys all out or anything but I think it is really important that you know what you are putting into your body, because your skin is your largest organ and can absorb pretty much anything you put on it. So please, just educate yourself.

Thanks for reading and check out my order overview tomorrow!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Natural Box Subscriptions

So this morning I spent quite a while searching around the internet and ordering a couple of items to help my natural journey. During this I stumbled upon two boxes that were dedicated to natural products and helping the world. The two boxes were Eco-Emi and Conscious Box. I spent awhile going back and forth between them and finally decided on Eco-Emi, but will probably eventually subscribe to Conscious Box. Here is a tiny overview on the boxes:

 For $15.00 a month they will mail you five to ten samples of natural, organic, green, eco-friendly or Fair Trade products to your door wrapped in chic earth friendly packaging. 
Conscious Box
For $12 a month plus $7 shipping (basically $19 a month) Conscious box will deliver a box a month of pure, and sustainable products that are handpicked from businesses that care for the planet.

I ended signing up for Eco-Emi in the end, because I felt like it had more of a variety but was very torn because Conscious box looks like it sends you more products (but I felt like a lot more food) Which one would you subscribe to?

Thanks so much for reading and look out for Eco-Emi unboxing posts and reviews on the products I can't wait!!!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: For Goodness Grape

I am going to kick off this blog with a review of a great company that I have shopped from many times and thought I just had to share with you guys. Plus, she uses great ingredients in all of her products that nourish your skin and are right on track to going natural :D

This review will be a review of the products that I got in my last order. So lets get started, here is what I ordered:

Pumpkin Cheesecake and Apple Crisp Lip Balm ($4.00 each)
Apple Crisp Lip Candy - Lip Balm - HandmadePumpkin Cheesecake Lip Candy - Creamy Shea Butter Lip Balm - Handmade - All Natural and Paraben Free

This lip balm is one of the first lip balms that actually SMELLS like pumpkin and the apple crisp is exactly on target, they smell amazing!! Sometimes I just apply this balm so I can smell it. As far a moisturizing power, I am very happy with it, my lips are very very dry all year round and I have found that this can compete with most of my other lip balms and the wonderful smell doesn't hurt :) This lip balm is very creamy and feels fantastic when it is on your lips.

Perfume Stix in Plumeria, Satsuma, Sweet and Sexy, Beneath the Stars ($6.25 each)
Satsuma (type) Perfume Stix - Solid Perfume - Handmade
Oh where do I even start with the perfume stix? I am in love with these things! I am not generally a perfume fan but these perfume stix give a good in between with just the right amount of scent. My all-time fave is plumeria and I have constantly reordered this scent. To me it is a very clean and fresh scent with just a little bit of floral in it.
The satsuma scent smells almost exactly like the Body Shop scent and I also love, but with plumeria sitting right next to it I always end up reaching for plumeria.
Now for the last two, I haven't used all that much but just went and smelled them and also love them both. Sweet and Sexy seems a little more formal to me but will try wearing it very soon. Beneath the Stars is herbally (?) and a fresh scent as well. 

These perfume stix have a very long lasting power, and since they are chapstick size can also easily be thrown in your purse and you can re-apply throughout the day. With one application I would say you could get around 4-6 hours of smell which is fantastic!!

Also in addition, her customer service is fantastic and that is why I continue to come back to her. While her shipping may take longer than say amazon (but honestly how can they ship that fast) I can tell that so much love and care goes into each of her products.

Please go check her out and order one of everything, because you won't regret it!!

Welcome to Naturally Wacky!

Hello everyone! 
I want to welcome you to my new blog and give you a bit of an introduction. My main reason to start this blog is to document my steps in becoming more natural in my life. I have recently been watching you-tube videos and reading articles about how bad some (especially drugstore products can be for you) and wanted to make a big change in my lifestyle. And seeing that New Year's is coming up, I thought why not make it my New Year's resolution?? So I want to invite you to share this journey with me, which will include reviews of various products, services and so much more. So lets go!!
(Painter Mommy Dawn)