Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review: Everyday Minerals

Hey guys! So I have been using these products for about a week or so I would say, and I love them!! My main reason for this purchase was the foundation (part of the 7 samples I got) and it is probably some of my favorite foundation that I have ever tried :)
I ordered 5 different foundation colors and found that the Fair Shade is almost a perfect match. I got it in the It Base, and what is really nice about it is that I feel like it is very build able. If you just want a little coverage or a full on coverage this foundation delivers. It also feels super light on your skin and it sometimes makes me wonder if I am even wearing foundation or not.
Rating: 4/5 (as far as I can tell it is only available online and isn't the cheapest foundation around at $12 for the full size, but I am totally going to repurchase)

Conceal It Kit
I have been on the search for some good concealer that will rid my dark circles for a whole day. I am sad to say that this isn't a miracle in a jar but has reduced my dark circles to where I don't mind them as much. From far away my skin looks flawless but if you are closer to me my dark circles are pretty obvious. As well he little, almost lip gloss-like containers are a pain in the butt to apply. I have been gnawing at it to see if I can get the little rolli-ball applicator off and directly to the powder but no luck so far.
Rating 3/5 (it has fairly good coverage but I was hoping for a little bit more and the tubes are a pain to apply)

Christa's Look Kit
I have only used the eye shadows from this kit because the bronzer and blush are really dark for my skin but I will probably keep them around and use them during the summer. But I must say I am very impressed with the eyes shadows, they last the whole day (and I don't even use a primer) plus I love the colors. If I ever wear eye shadow it is usually always neutral and I am loving these eye shadows
Rating 4/5 (only because I don't feel as though the bronzer and blush would fit my skin-tone but the eye shadows are amazing!!)

Blush Promo Kit
I hate to admit this but I haven't used a single one of the blush samples, I am just not really a blush person and haven't gone anywhere where I feel like I should wear some. But the makeup bag has seen so much use and it is great quality! I am not going to give this a rating because I don't feel like I have any justification but if it counts for anything the makeup bag gets a 5/5 :D
Thanks so much for reading guys! Have something you want me to talk about or review? Let me know below :D


  1. Hi from EBT : )

    New follower too. Great sharing your latest makeup haul : ) I rarely change what I use, but your review has me thinking - fresh makeup.

  2. Hello! Great Blog <3

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  3. Great reviews of the product! Saw their deal for 7 free samples on their site, but am on the fence since I couldn't afford to buy full size products haha

  4. Great review! Enjoyed reading it!

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  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments, you guys are awesome!