Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: For Goodness Grape

I am going to kick off this blog with a review of a great company that I have shopped from many times and thought I just had to share with you guys. Plus, she uses great ingredients in all of her products that nourish your skin and are right on track to going natural :D

This review will be a review of the products that I got in my last order. So lets get started, here is what I ordered:

Pumpkin Cheesecake and Apple Crisp Lip Balm ($4.00 each)
Apple Crisp Lip Candy - Lip Balm - HandmadePumpkin Cheesecake Lip Candy - Creamy Shea Butter Lip Balm - Handmade - All Natural and Paraben Free

This lip balm is one of the first lip balms that actually SMELLS like pumpkin and the apple crisp is exactly on target, they smell amazing!! Sometimes I just apply this balm so I can smell it. As far a moisturizing power, I am very happy with it, my lips are very very dry all year round and I have found that this can compete with most of my other lip balms and the wonderful smell doesn't hurt :) This lip balm is very creamy and feels fantastic when it is on your lips.

Perfume Stix in Plumeria, Satsuma, Sweet and Sexy, Beneath the Stars ($6.25 each)
Satsuma (type) Perfume Stix - Solid Perfume - Handmade
Oh where do I even start with the perfume stix? I am in love with these things! I am not generally a perfume fan but these perfume stix give a good in between with just the right amount of scent. My all-time fave is plumeria and I have constantly reordered this scent. To me it is a very clean and fresh scent with just a little bit of floral in it.
The satsuma scent smells almost exactly like the Body Shop scent and I also love, but with plumeria sitting right next to it I always end up reaching for plumeria.
Now for the last two, I haven't used all that much but just went and smelled them and also love them both. Sweet and Sexy seems a little more formal to me but will try wearing it very soon. Beneath the Stars is herbally (?) and a fresh scent as well. 

These perfume stix have a very long lasting power, and since they are chapstick size can also easily be thrown in your purse and you can re-apply throughout the day. With one application I would say you could get around 4-6 hours of smell which is fantastic!!

Also in addition, her customer service is fantastic and that is why I continue to come back to her. While her shipping may take longer than say amazon (but honestly how can they ship that fast) I can tell that so much love and care goes into each of her products.

Please go check her out and order one of everything, because you won't regret it!!

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  1. I'm making baby steps towards a more natural life. Little things, as I know I won't go totally that way, can't wait to check out the site you posted about. Pumpkin Cheesecake lip balm sounds AMAZING!