Thursday, December 29, 2011

Natural Box Subscriptions

So this morning I spent quite a while searching around the internet and ordering a couple of items to help my natural journey. During this I stumbled upon two boxes that were dedicated to natural products and helping the world. The two boxes were Eco-Emi and Conscious Box. I spent awhile going back and forth between them and finally decided on Eco-Emi, but will probably eventually subscribe to Conscious Box. Here is a tiny overview on the boxes:

 For $15.00 a month they will mail you five to ten samples of natural, organic, green, eco-friendly or Fair Trade products to your door wrapped in chic earth friendly packaging. 
Conscious Box
For $12 a month plus $7 shipping (basically $19 a month) Conscious box will deliver a box a month of pure, and sustainable products that are handpicked from businesses that care for the planet.

I ended signing up for Eco-Emi in the end, because I felt like it had more of a variety but was very torn because Conscious box looks like it sends you more products (but I felt like a lot more food) Which one would you subscribe to?

Thanks so much for reading and look out for Eco-Emi unboxing posts and reviews on the products I can't wait!!!


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  1. Just based on the packaging, I'd go with Eco-Emi (I have a weakness for burlap)....Hello from the Etsy Blog Team!